And puppy makes three!


I have a dog! He’s called Banjo, and he’s a 9-week-old, a labrador*/ shepherd mix, and currently weighs 7.8lbs… he’s supposed to get up to about 60-70lbs.
Wonderman and I thought we were going just to pick out a puppy, but they wanted us to take him within a few days to make room for new animals who needed to be rescued.
Although we’d been reading up on puppies and dogs for the previous six months, we were completely unprepared as a result, but a few hours later we had food, a crate, food and water bowls and a couple of squeaky toys.

He howled all night long the first night (separation from his littermates); we had to clean up diarrhoea at 3am; but every other night since has been uneventful.
He’s already learned that his crate is his special safe place, and therefore won’t soil it– instead, when he’s sleeping in it at night, he gently whines to let us know he needs to pee or poop.  Now that he’s crate-trained we’re tackling the house-training issue…

He already knows his name, and will come when called. He’s really smart! He is eager to please, but the sight of an empty plastic bottle which Wonderman made into a “toy” made him freeze in terror.  When he runs, he falls over his feet, or else lollops like a rabbit.

We’re sleep-deprived, covered in $hit and that wonderful puppy smell *swoon*

*EDIT: Since this first posting many moons ago, Banjo has grown noticeably into a Greyhound mix. It’s possible that he has some Lab in him, as the shelter who rescued him swore his (feral) mother was a Lab. He undoubtedly has Shepherd in him, but is predominantly (howl-bark, coat, legs, temperament) Greyhound. SH(epherd-gre)YHOUND: I dub thee, Shyhound!

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