Power Animal


I don’t have a power animal like some of my friends, but I will tell you this: I love dogs and the mere sight of one makes me beam. And the larger the dog, the larger my grin.

I’ve always loved large dogs, especially Labradors, so I guess that Labs are the closest thing I’ve ever had to a Power Animal. Who couldn’t love their sweet nature and eagerness to please? Only a Lab would put up with my naughty little sister pulling his tail and climbing on his back.

But I have a new love and respect for Greyhounds, now that I have my little doogle.

To my surprise, I even see the charm of having a tiny dog now that I have joined the yuppie masses at Puppy Playgroup: here, you socialise your pup with others, ranging from a 2lb Yorkie to a 40lb Bernese Mountain dog mix. (At 25lbs as of Saturday, Banjo is somewhere in the middle, and we are on track for around 65lbs when fully grown).

Meeting other dogs and their owners has made me see the charm of any breed (although large mongrels remain my favourites) because, let’s face it, there is nothing quite like a roomful of puppies running around, crashing into your legs – or ankles, in some cases – and jumping on each other.

Suffice to say, the mere thought of Banjo brings a crooked smile to my face, and sometimes I get a little verklempt at how much I love this mischievous, curious puppy.  I guess that makes him my power animal!

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