New York to California with a Dog


I can now say I drove 4,153 miles across the United States with my dog.

Banjo and I travelled from Brooklyn, NY to Escondido, CA over a 12-day period. Along the way we saw everything from snowy mountain peaks of Arizona to the chasm of the Grand Canyon; from the muddy swamps of Louisiana to the dusty desert of Texas; from multiple built up urban city centres to the green pastures of Virginia; from the sandy dunes of White Sands to the peeping wildlife of Skyline Drive…

All the while Banjo was kept safe and comfortable with his Auto Zip Line and Tru-Fit Harness and Wander Hammock from fabulous pet travel product company, Kurgo.

Over the next couple of weeks, Banjo and I will be posting a series of blog posts about our cross-country adventure. In the meantime, here’s a picture of us – can you guess where we are?

Clue: People have trouble spelling it... Photograph © Shyhound™ 2011


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1 Tina March 28, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Well, it looks like the Mississippi River to me! And if I’m wrong that’s alright too, but there are two words people in this country usually cannot spell…That is one and Albuquerque is the other! I’m glad you 3 made it safe and sound! That’s a great pic! Was it cold? I’m only asking because of the way the trees look! Ours are blooming here…

You definitely made it in less time than I would have! When I have a camera, I tend to get stuck in Colorado–particularly at the Continental Divide by Cripple Creek. I know…It wasn’t on your route, but I LOVE that place! I used to live in Colorado Springs for a few years! 😀


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