Lake Hollywood Dog Run

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Aroo!  Dis Banjo heer.  Today I tellz yoo about a sekret dog run in da hillz below da famous Hollywood sign:

Is akshully a puk for hoomins, but iz sekretly a dog run… Shhhushes! Iz a sekret!

Me and mah hoomins iz staying wiv frendz on Beachwood Kanyon.  We ‘xploring da hillz in da car to find dis puk – Lauren knoes about dis puk from befor, becos she is going on a nice hike wiv her unkle one time and she iz seeing it.

<– So wen we finding it iz gimme a big happy!

Iz a lovely puk.  Dere is a nice grass, and dere iz nice treez wiv benches for sitting hoomins…

…and lots of frendly doggies to play wiv…

… and lots of peepol luuking da Hollywood sign.  Dis I not unnerstand. But Lauren is take a pannarammik pikchuh foh me to share wiv yoo. Dis puk very bootiful, yes?

Dis puk is having places for hoomin BBQs, a plays for hoomin puppies to play in – but dere is no wateh fountain.  Das OK foh me, becos I has a Kurgo wateh bottol!

And heer is a pikchuh on a clowdy day we iz going:

Nao I knoes I iz a California dog becos I iz getting cold on a clowdy day!

Lauren Says:

The unofficial dog run at Lake Hollywood is located at:

3200 Canyon Lake Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Open daily from 5am – 10pm

It also has BBQ pits, a children’s play area, picnic tables – and several benches in the shade.  But be sure to bring your own water as I didn’t see a faucet!

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1 Tina July 3, 2011 at 5:21 pm

ARRROOOOOOOO! Banjo! It’s green too! Not like dis wes Texus dried up weddah! When Buddy’s bettah, his hooman’s are gonna take ‘im to da mowntin and a few uttah places! We wishus we could see that place tho! Thanks for sharing!


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