Day 10: Noo Mexico to Arizona


Aroo! Dis Banjo heer. Today I telling yoo about mah trip from Gallup, Noo Meksiko to Arizona weh we seeing da Painted Desert, da Petrified Forest and da Grand Canyon.

Oll froo da road trip, we staying in dog-frenly hotel chainz, but in Gallup we staying in a rooootiful plays called El Rancho Hotel.

Dis hotel eveybody’s favrite. Iz on da historik Root 66, iz hav karakta, nice fuud for hoomins, and dey luvs doggies!  Hoomins say dey like to sleeping dere agen sum day.

We iz hav a urly start becos dis day we iz smelling da Painted Desert and da Petrified Forest AND da Grand Canyon.  Iz long timez in da car.

Wen we arriving in da Painted Desert, I doing nice smellingz of da urf. Iz smell very old.  Hoomins say big strange doggies called dinosaws is living heer a long time ago.  Iz troo, dere is SUMPTING…

Hoomins doing happy soundz wen dey luuking da red roks. Iz nice to be in da sunshiny – but iz a big brite!

Nao yoo seez oll mah gear! I haz a red leesh. Iz attach to mah Martingale collah made speshul for me by Erinder on Etsy. Den I haz a red leather collah for mah tagz. Den I haz mah Kurgo Harness. I luuk like a prince!

After we leaving da Painted Desert and da Petrified Forest, we iz driving to da Grand Canyon. Dis da most scareful place I ever see!

Oh no-no-no! I not shor about dis, guyz...

I finking, HOOMINS CRAYZEE! Dey laffing and huggling eech oder and making sounds like WAW! But dey haz a big happy at dis scareful plays, so soon I relaxing. Den I wotching a eegull in da sky and I lerning dat Grand Canyon only a scareful plays if yoo luuking down!

Heer iz a guud pikchuh of da Grand Canyon and mah wateh bottol.

Grand Canyon doggies, iz olways impohtant to bring wateh!

Ufteh a guud long walk above da Grand Canyon, we iz driving to da hotel for da nite.

Stay chewned! I has a big ‘xcited becos hoomins saying tomorrow I becoming a California dog!

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