Day 3: Alabama to Louisiana


Aroo! Dis Banjo.  Heer yoo can read mah tail about mah journey to L’Aroosiana.

Today a guud day. Heer iz mah favourit pikchuh:

Dis how I roll wiv mah hoomins... on a Kurgo Wander Hammock

I like dis pikchuh becos iz show vey speshul moment wiv mah Lauren. I luvs her. And she luvs me. In da car we haz smiling moments like dis. I like da car.

We on ah way to Mississippilly for lunch. Dere is eating fings called crawfishees. I like to try!  But hoomins learn that Mississippilly eating places not let doggies sit on outside patio wiv eating hoomins.  Barklyn, Noo York is say yes.  Oder states is say yes. But Mississippilly is say sumfing like Healf and Safety rools. I say dey is barking mad! So I stays in da car and watch hoomins eat crawfishees and I has a big sad.

But then we at a place called a Mississippilly Rivah and I has a big happy. Iz smell GREAT! I smelling crawfishees, and muds, and gambling boats, and fings hoomins call dragonflies.

Heer is mah hoomins’ favourit pikchuh. Dey say I has a big handsome.  I say I has a big pawsome!

Mississippilly Rivah + Kurgo Harness = Big Pawsome

And I do a nice tinkle to say Banjo was heer!

Doin a wee on da Mississippilly!

(Yea, I do a wee like a gurl dog. Shh! Yoo say nuffin! I a Shyhound!)

Den iz time to find Shreeveport, L’Aroosiana. I do a big sleeping in da car. But I seeing dis big happy red sunshiny:

I smells moskitoes and bats nao

Wen we arrive in Shreeveport, is dark. Hoomins take me to mah furs drive-froo. Is called Sonic. Hoomins eating cheez hambugglers. Iz smell gud but hoomins say iz a horrible hambuggler and dey not eat dere agen. But drive-froo is a big fun becos I bark at strange hoomin wiv a hellofone-set on dere head. Arooooooooooo!

Stay chewned for more travelling tails: tomorrow’s destination is Austin, TX.

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1 Tina April 23, 2011 at 6:20 pm

Aroo Banjo! I say iz barking mad that any dawg people haf ta sit is ze car in any state becuz of doze roolz. Thoze states be really behind, huh? Buddy n Gizmo wuld not like dat! U R a handsome dawg, too! 😉


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