Day 4: Louisiana to Texas


Aroo! Dis Banjo heer. Today I tells yoo about mah trip from Shreveport, L’Aroosiana to Austin, Texas.

Wen we leaving hotel, the furst fing I see is all the bugz on the car.  Dey is skwishy dedd and smellz vey intresting. Iz dis stink-bugs? I not lick dem.

Den we in da car again for a long time. I do a good sleeping! Heer yoo can see mah Kurgo Wander Hammock (iz a putty colour top left) and da black and orange leash for mah Kurgo Auto Zip Line. Dey is keep me safe in a mooving car, but I still can has a comfy. Aroo! to Kurgo!

See heer, I rest mah face on mah cooshin... iz hoomins' clothes - I has a clever, yes?

Hoomins eating hambugglers again – dis time iz at Dairy Queen, wich hoomins say is OK.  I wotching from da car and fink a hambuggler looking mighty delishuss.  But I never gets peepol fuud… I has allajeez to cheez, peenut butterz, sammon-fishees, pawk-meet, and all grainz ‘cept rice.

Afteh nice, big hambugglers, hoomins get sleepy and say iz naptime.  But I not has a tired!  So Lauren and me iz find a nice grass in Balch Springs, neer Dallas, and we iz have a lovely time off-leash.  I see a wild horsie. He scaredier than police horsies in Barklyn, so I not say Aroo! to him.

Shyhound meets Scaredy-Horse

Den we iz find a big ball AND a littol ball: wun is for baskets and teh oder wun iz for golf.  I bited dem and I do running wiv dem.  Iz grate! Scaredy-horse watching me wiv envies. He olso a running dog.

Den iz time to bite da road again, and we arriving at our friends’ house in Austin, Texas.

Stay chewned for more travelling tails: tomorrow’s destination is a chill weekend wiv Austin frends weh I losing a water-drinking competition…

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1 Tina April 30, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Aroo Banjo~! Yur pichah with the bluebonnets is pretty! Bluebonnets are da state flower! Dairy Queen is okay but I likes Sonic bettah! I hope you had a great time in Austin!


2 shyhound April 30, 2011 at 7:02 pm

Tinarooooo! Fangs for yor commentingz! Yea, mah hoomin is fink dem flowerz is bloobonnits. She will has a big happy wen I tell her wot yoo sez. Becos she wundering if dem flowers is da state flowers of Tegsuss.

Austin was guud, yoo can reed mah post on Munday, I fink. (Iz ritten and skeduled.)

Hoomins say Sonic is meedy-ochre hambugglers. Yoo like a nice, joosy hambugglers wiv halapenyos on it? I tell yoo neks week about da Hitchin Post in Ozona, Tegsuss.



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