Day 7: Texas is a Big State


Aroo! Dis Banjo heer.  Today I tells yoo about mah jurney to Van Horn, Texas.

Ufter we saying goobyes to da Lipman fambly, we driving froo a big plays called Hill Country.  I heer mah hoomins tokking about someone called Barbie Kyoo, but iz Sunday and eeting places iz closed. So we not smelling her. But I smelling lots of other dogs!

Furs I smelling dis guy – he has a big fun but I fink is scareful. Weh is his doggles? A dog can hurts his eyes in da dusts and wind!

Later, mah Lauren sez she sniffs out a nice plays to eet. So we driving oll da way to Ozona, Teksas, weh dere is a eeting plays called The Hitching Post.

So, hoomins eeting again… and I wotching again… but ufterwoods, we iz doon a little runnings and I doon drinkings from mah Kurgo wateh bottle, wich comes wiv da Wander Hammock.

Mah Lauren like dis Wander Hammock bag vey much. Iz come wiv a littol bag, and da littol bag is have a holder for dis wateh bottol.

Inside da bag is fings for me in da car. Dere is mah leash, sum medsins, treets, extra poop bags, a collapsibol wateh bowl.

Den I meeting a labradog. I try to say Aroo! to him, but he sez Grrr! to me. So I has a big sad til I meeting nice Jackson. He a Ostralian Shepherd Dog. I part German Shepherd, so we has lots to tok about. I tell him I a Noo Yok dog but gonna be a California dog. I tell him we doing long times in da car and he impressed. He tell me he a San Antonio dog and he on his way home after smelling Noo Meksiko.  He tell me I will luvs it dere!

I has a big sad becos I not has a foto of Jackson chew show yoo.  He has bloo eyes, and his fur is very pretty colours. Orinj, brown, and white. His spots look like shadows from leafs on treez.  But heer is a pikchuh of the scareful labradog hoo sez stay aways from his car:

I unnerstan! I not like it wen fings come neer mah car eevah.

Stay chewned! Tomorrow’s destinayshun is Socorro, Noo Meksiko, via White Sands weh dere was a big wind!

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