Day 8: Texas to Noo Mexico


Aroo! Dis Banjo heer. Today I tellz yoo about mah jurney up Noo Meksiko.

Furs, wen I waking up and going owside to do morning tinkles, Lauren is not let me go in da long grasses.  I not unnerstan but she finking stinktively dat dere is rattol snakes in dere.  Den she meeting a Native American man hoo telling her not to let me do runnings dere becos dere is rattlers.  Lauren was rite and she has a big happy dat dis city gurl knoes hao to protek her doggie!

So, I do tinkles and den we iz driving to Las Crooses in Noo Meksiko. I has a big bored becos I iz left in da car while hoomins picking up fuuds for car eeting.

But soon we iz at White Sandz Nashunal Monnument and iz like no plays I evah smell befoh.

Iz a big park wiv lots of white sandy hillz, and strange tree-fings and flower-fings and no grasses!

Olso, dere is no off-leesh. Olso, no doggies to play wiv.

Iz a crazy park, yes?

Dere is lots of playses to vizzit in da White Sandz. We driving froo da park, den getting out lots of times to see oll da playses, so hoomins is keep mah Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness on.

I luvs it! Iz make me feel safe, and I has a big pawsome –>

Mah hoomin, Peep, and I iz doing leesh runnings on da sandz. Is da furs time I evah running on sandz and, I tell yoo, iz diffikult! Mah paws iz sinking becos wiv sandz, da ground has a big soft.

Ennyway, mah hoomins is respekting da no off-leesh (boo-aroo!) but I still doing runnings:

And I doing jumpings:

And we has a big running fun!

Dis day, White Sands is hav a big windy. Iz make mah hoomin Lauren’s long hairs crayzee and I iz laffing at her – but den I gets a mouf of sands so I not laffing ennymoh!

Afteh oll dis sand runnings, I has a big tired. Wen we gets back into da car, Lauren is clip mah Kurgo Harness to da Zip Line, I puts mah head on a cooshun and falling asleep til we gets to Socorro, Noo Meksiko.  Heer we is sleeping for da nite befoh driving up to Santa Fe!

Stay chewned! Tomorrow’s destinayshun is an Indian Reservashun in Gallup, Noo Meksiko, via Santa Fe weh dere is Da Best Dog Run EVAH!!

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1 Tina May 5, 2011 at 5:49 am

Mah doh for these Banjo! I never got to see dat place! It is so gud to see u had a gr8 time!


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