Day 9: Noo Mexico


Arooooooooooooo! Dis Banjo heer and I has a big excited becos today I tell yoo about da BEST DOG RUN EVAH!

Afteh we leaving Socorro, we driving to Santa Fe.  Hoomins telling me dere is a vey speshul plays for me in Santa Fe. Iz da Santa Fe Animal Shelter Dog Park and dey saying I will luvs it, but furs we muss see da arts in Santa Fe. I not knoe wot is a art, but Santa Fe is have crayzee puks and yardz wiv vey strange kreechuhs. Luuk dis guy:

Santa Fe olso has shops selling rootiful joolery and carpetz and oder boring fings for doggies and boy hoomins. Peep and I iz waiting for Lauren owside a shop:

Wen Lauren is inside da shop, I luuking for her.  I part German Shepherd doggie, so I olways has to knoe weh is eveyboddy.

I not unnderstand how dis boring shop is better den da speshul plays…

Less go to da dog run!

I has a big bored…

And I like Lauren to come back nao pleez…

Soon, Lauren coming out of da boring shop and sez iz time! I has a beeg ‘xcited for dis doggie puk becos hoomins saying is big, is crayzee, and is part of da Hoomane Society, wich a plays dat luuks ufteh doggies. I iz a shelter dog, so I liking dis.

Wen we gets dere, hoomins learn that this puk so big dere is even seprate areas for doggies hoo not like oder doggies! Puk so big, Lauren can’t fit it all in da kamera! Luuuuk dis:

Hoomins loving dis puk becos dere is a mountainz, dere is a kaktusses, dere is a crayzee plants eveyweh. Dey loving da big bloo sky, but I loving da red urf.

Dere is eben a buckit wiv lots of dennis balls by da entrance to da puk. Dis a nice puk for doggies, yes? Hoomins choozing a ball and den frowing it. I chase it – heer is me and Lauren doing playtimes:

I luvs running, and dere is a big spays for runnings…

… and long grasses to tikol…

… and kaktusses to hidez behind…


Downside to dis puk iz can be hud to find oder doggies to play wiv becos is so big. Just ufteh we about to leev and hoomins put mah Kurgo Harness bak on, I finds a frend. He like mah harness so much he chasing me!

Oll dis runnings gimme a beeg fursty!

So, insted of waiting for da wateh in mah kollapsibol bowl, I drinking strait from da Kurgo bottol. I drinking and drinking and drinking, and I doing one big tinkle befoh we leeving dis lovely puk:

Den we leeving and driving oll da way to Gallup. But I not can tell yoo about dis becos I ufteh oll dis runnings I has a big tired and I sleeping oll da way in da car.

Stay chewned! Tomorrow’s destinayshun is Arizona, weh I see da Painted Desert, da Petrified Forest and da scareful Grand Canyon all in wun day!

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1 Tina May 5, 2011 at 5:46 am

I am so glad u had so much fun Banjo~! I luvs these pics becuz they remind me of Corrales (jus by Albuquerque) where I lived for 1 year. The mowntins are reel purrrrrty at sunset!


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