Day 2: Virginia to Alabama


Aroo! Dis Banjo.  Heer yoo can read mah tail about mah journey to Aroobama.

After we sleeping, mah hoomins iz put all da fings in da car.  I iz get vey worried that hoomins forget me. So I doing fings like wriggle between hoomins’ legs and shreek at hoomins to remind dem I like to come in da car chew. Hoomins not REELLY forget me.  Dis I knoe. But, yoo smell, I a Shyhound!  I gets worries.

Den hoomins realise dat when dey puts on mah Kurgo harness, iz calm me. And I haz a big happy.  Becos Kurgo harness means Kurgo Zip Line, and dat means I going in da car for noo smells!

Road Trip Doggies – sometimes dere iz no dog run.  But dere iz olways a place to pee or poop, even sometimes is a scareful place:

Scareful Bark!

And wot lovely smells! Hoomins take me to a dog run in Roanoke, VA. Iz called Highland Dog Bark, and heer iz some pikchuhs of me:

Dis me and mah Kurgo harness in Highland Bark

Den we find a ball but I still not knoe hao to play fetch:

Dis me. I haz a big happy.

Den I meets a Red Setter called Rufus:

Dis guy, he crazy!

Den is time to hit da road. After all dis runnings, I haz a big tired. So I sleeping all da way to Aroobama on mah Kurgo Wander Hammock. Olso, hoomins gimme a red blanket which smells of home to travel wiv. I like it.

Look mah fancy Kurgo Wander Hammock!

Stay chewned for more travelling tails: tomorrow’s destination is L’Aroo-siana…

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1 Tina April 13, 2011 at 1:40 am

Aroooooo Banjo! U R so lucky to have the hoomins u have! Bringing da red blanket wuz a good idea! And u got to play in a leesh free pawk! Don’t feel bad abowt the fetch game…Buddy still not knoe how to play it too! He gets the ball and then his hoomans have to go get it from him! 😀 Banjo, u r a beautiful dawg w/beautiful mawkings! I tink u r right…Rufus be crazy dog!


2 shyhound April 13, 2011 at 3:58 am

Mak-Doh-roh-roh Tinaroo! Weh iz mah buddy, Buddy? We can haz a fun wiv a balls and not gimme to hoomins!


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