Day 1: New Jersey to Virginia

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Aroo! Dis Banjo heer.  A few days after we leave Barklyn, Noo York, we driving to California.  Iz a long drive.  Evey night we stay sumwhere noo. Da furs night we stay in Lexington, Virginia.  Iz a noo smells. But iz raining and I not like a rain.

On da way to Lexington, we iz drive froo Skyline Drive. Mah hoomins like all da twisty turnings of da road. Iz make me a carsick, but I try to sleeping on my Kurgo Wander Hammock which iz keep all my droolings off da car seats.  Mah hoomins is approve vey much of dis.

Den we leave da car to look at da valley.  I haz a nice drink of water from my Kurgo water bottle and I climbing a wall to haz a better view:

When we back in da car and driving, mah hoomins haz a big happy when dey seeing fings like wild turkeys. An’ skunks. An’ a bear. An’ lots of deerz which dey say look like me:

Aroo-rooo-rooo! I not a deer, I a Shyhound!

Stay chewned for more travelling tails: tomorrow’s destination is Aroobama…

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