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Arooo!  Dis Banjo heer, and I has a big ‘xcited – but I needz your help.

Dere is a lovely site called and dey iz have a competishun called Da Petties Awards.  Iz awards for excellence in pet blogging and da winner gets to donate $500 to a pet charity of dere choice.

Dis got me finking… I iz a pet.  And I haz a blog.  And I even has a charity – iz called Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Noo York.  If Sean iz not rescue me, I cooda been a dead puppy, for reelz!

So, if yoo like and fink iz have lots of yoosful informashuns… or if yoo finking iz funny dat I haz mah own blog… or if yoo just finks I has a big pawsome, den vote for me!

Diz pikchuh is showing you da informashuns to include.  And iz olso clicking to da Petties Awards nominashun page weh yoo make a nice vote for me!

I fink I haz da best chance of winning in da Best Dog Blog and da Funniest Blog or Blogger categories (dogagories?), but yoo can nom-nom-nominate me in any category yoo like.  (Just not da Best Cat Blog category!)

Many fangs, guys!

Ruff, Banjo x

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1 Tina June 27, 2011 at 7:42 pm

Done Banjo! I’ll share this link again though!


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