How to Choose the Best Food for Your Dog


Like so many timid dogs, Banjo has a nervous stomach and is allergic to almost everything: grain, dairy, peanut butter – even salmon and pork!

Thanks to these links, I was able to make informed decisions about my dog’s food:

  • The Dog Food Project is a site run by Sabine Contreras, a Canine Care & Nutrition Consultant. She educates you on what goes into most dog food and how to avoid the nasties, and also discusses organic dog food, feeding your dog a vegan/ vegetarian diet, and the benefits of feeding your dog a grain-free diet.
  • Dog Food Analysis is a site which reviews commercial dog food brands by examining the ingredients label: its ratings are based on quality of ingredients and the order in which they appear. (All food labels, doggie and human alike, always lists ingredients in order of highest to lowest quantity.)

Both these sites are independent.  Do check them out if you are looking to improve your dog’s diet.

Bone appetit!

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