Del Mar Beach / October 2011


It’s autumn, which means Del Mar beach is open once again to our furry friends.  Our latest beach visit reminded me to write another Not Just a Dog post – through Banjo’s eyes, I see things I might otherwise miss.

Like this mussel shell, with its pearlised interior:

Without Banjo hovering nearby, we might not have attracted the attention of this Pit Bull puppy…

…or this little dog with a pronounced underbite…

We might not have revelled in the thrill of the chase…

… or caught up with someone to show them you love them…

Through my dog’s eyes, I see things I might not otherwise notice.  His joy gives me joy.

Banjo says Aroo!! Dat was a stinky shell, and noisy dogs.  I luvs Del Mar beech! Dere is dogs, a oshun, seeweeds to tinkle on, balls to play wiv, sand to dig, wateh to shake off, and a big yellow cliff wiv caves in it!

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