What I’ve Learned from My Dog


When people say that their dog has taught them so much, non-dog owners always seem quietly amused by this.  It’s just a dog!  No, “it” isn’t anything. “It” is either a he or a she, for a start.

And “just a dog”? How little they know!

Banjo has taught me so much.  Through his soft and curious eyes, I see things I probably wouldn’t notice.

So, I’ve decided to start a regular column on Shyhound called Not Just a Dog.  I think dogs have taught humans a great many things, and I want to explore those lessons.

I want to share some of what I have learned from Banjo, but I also want to hear from YOU, dear Shyhound readers:  What has your dog taught you?  Would you consider writing a guest post for Shyhound?  Let’s celebrate our canine friends and their wisdom!

Banjo says: Aroo!  I like dis ideeyah becos I like learning about mah doggie frends!

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