What I’ve Learned from My Dog


When people say that their dog has taught them so much, non-dog owners always seem quietly amused by this.  It’s just a dog!  No, “it” isn’t anything. “It” is either a he or a she, for a start.

And “just a dog”? How little they know!

Banjo has taught me so much.  Through his soft and curious eyes, I see things I probably wouldn’t notice.

So, I’ve decided to start a regular column on Shyhound called Not Just a Dog.  I think dogs have taught humans a great many things, and I want to explore those lessons.

I want to share some of what I have learned from Banjo, but I also want to hear from YOU, dear Shyhound readers:  What has your dog taught you?  Would you consider writing a guest post for Shyhound?  Let’s celebrate our canine friends and their wisdom!

Banjo says: Aroo!  I like dis ideeyah becos I like learning about mah doggie frends!

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1 Nico January 6, 2012 at 6:34 pm

Ruff ruff Banjo,
I luv dee fotos and stooriez about yoo. dA Beach luks like funn. I ‘ve nevr been 2 the beach befoor. Sooo many dogz. Thay look like nice doggiez too. I see the Hollywood syne. Duz dat meen yur are famus doggy ? do yoo know any udder famus animuls?


2 Tina July 17, 2011 at 4:56 pm

I so look forward to future posts on this. I get tired of hearing ‘It’s just a dog!” or “It’s just a cat!” too. Native Americans never say that any animal is just an animal. Often they will refer to dogs as “dog people”, birds as “bird people”, etc…I believe animals have feelings and souls and we can learn a lot about what is around us from them. Buddy can sense when something is about to happen (like a storm) and will get upset if everyone and all the other animals are not in Brian’s house with him. He sleeps at the foot of Brian’s bed at his house now and follows him when he wakes up. He is definitely part of our family. When I would get sick, I had a cat that would refuse to leave the bed until I did. She’d put her paw on my chin as if she were making sure I was okay. BTW, Buddy is going back to the vet later this week or early next week, but he’s doing a lot better!


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