Animated Short: Banjo & Lefty


It’s been another busy semester, and poor has been a bit neglected of late. Here’s an animated short I did for my Photoshop class, starring none other than Banjo!


Ever since I took the iPhone footage of Lefty sneaking up on the sleeping Banjo, they have become firm friends.  I don’t think Lefty is as pleased to see Banjo as he is to see her, but they share the garden happily.  Sometimes Lefty even allows Banjo close enough for him to smell her butt.

For more observations on inter-species relations, read my post on Banjo & Lefty: “A Metaphor for World Peace?”.

Yappy Howlidays!

Banjo says Aroo!! I luvs Lefty so much dat Lauren can’t say her name becos I start barking happily!  She can’t even spelling C-A-T wivout me galloping to da back door. MEOWROOO!!

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