Meet Banjo


Arooo! Dis Banjo heer.

I a speshul dog.  I a Shyhound.  And I has mah own blog.  Iz a doggy blog. I tokking about fings I smelling. Like oder doggies.  And fuuds.  And runnings, becos I iz part Greyhound.

I olso tokking about trabelling. I iz born in Kweens, Noo York, but I living in Barklyn, Noo York for da furs 4 yeers of mah life.

Den, in March 2011, me and mah hoomins is driving 4,153 miles from Barklyn to Los Angeles. So now I iz a California dog. If yoo intrested, yoo can reed about mah Road Trip and hao mah hoomins is do it wiv a dog. We haz a big fun on dis jurney!

Sumtimes, mah hoomin Lauren is riting about boring fings, like training… Bud mosely iz me riting.

I luvs to heer from oder dogs and dere guardians, so be shor to say Aroo! in da blog comments. Yoo can olso luuk at mah Facebark Page or follow me on Woofer.

Ruff, Banjo


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