Aroo!  Dis Banjo heer.  Today I tellz yoo about a sekret dog run in da hillz below da famous Hollywood sign:

Is akshully a puk for hoomins, but iz sekretly a dog run… Shhhushes! Iz a sekret!

Me and mah hoomins iz staying wiv frendz on Beachwood Kanyon.  We ‘xploring da hillz in da car to find dis puk – Lauren knoes about dis puk from befor, becos she is going on a nice hike wiv her unkle one time and she iz seeing it.

<– So wen we finding it iz gimme a big happy!

Iz a lovely puk.  Dere is a nice grass, and dere iz nice treez wiv benches for sitting hoomins…

…and lots of frendly doggies to play wiv…

… and lots of peepol luuking da Hollywood sign.  Dis I not unnerstand. But Lauren is take a pannarammik pikchuh foh me to share wiv yoo. Dis puk very bootiful, yes?

Dis puk is having places for hoomin BBQs, a plays for hoomin puppies to play in – but dere is no wateh fountain.  Das OK foh me, becos I has a Kurgo wateh bottol!

And heer is a pikchuh on a clowdy day we iz going:

Nao I knoes I iz a California dog becos I iz getting cold on a clowdy day!

Lauren Says:

The unofficial dog run at Lake Hollywood is located at:

3200 Canyon Lake Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Open daily from 5am – 10pm

It also has BBQ pits, a children’s play area, picnic tables – and several benches in the shade.  But be sure to bring your own water as I didn’t see a faucet!

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Arooo!  Dis Banjo heer, and I has a big ‘xcited – but I needz your help.

Dere is a lovely site called and dey iz have a competishun called Da Petties Awards.  Iz awards for excellence in pet blogging and da winner gets to donate $500 to a pet charity of dere choice.

Dis got me finking… I iz a pet.  And I haz a blog.  And I even has a charity – iz called Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Noo York.  If Sean iz not rescue me, I cooda been a dead puppy, for reelz!

So, if yoo like and fink iz have lots of yoosful informashuns… or if yoo finking iz funny dat I haz mah own blog… or if yoo just finks I has a big pawsome, den vote for me!

Diz pikchuh is showing you da informashuns to include.  And iz olso clicking to da Petties Awards nominashun page weh yoo make a nice vote for me!

I fink I haz da best chance of winning in da Best Dog Blog and da Funniest Blog or Blogger categories (dogagories?), but yoo can nom-nom-nominate me in any category yoo like.  (Just not da Best Cat Blog category!)

Many fangs, guys!

Ruff, Banjo x

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Aroo! Dis Banjo heer.  Today I tellz yoo about da Ocean Beach, a off-leash beech in San Diego.

Iz a big speshul plays becos dere is a big wateh not for drinking.  Iz for splashing and playing!

Da seaweeds iz stinky and iz gimme a big salty mouf. Iz taste good!

Dis big wateh is called da oshun, an iz have fings called waves wich growl and bite mah legs.

Mah hoomins has a big astonish becos I not like wateh befoh.  Nao I luvs it!

ocean beach dog rocks pier

Aroooooo! Do yoo likes da Oshun Beech? I do-aroo!

The Dog Beach at Ocean Beach is 38 acres of sand that your dog can run around off-leash on 24/7!


Arooooooooooooooo! Dis Banjo heer.  I has a big happy becos I iz a California Dog – dis time, for reel!

Mah momma was a Lab-adore dog, but I not doing nuffin like Lab-adore doggies.  Hoomins say I not knoes hao to retreeve, I not steeling peepol fuuds, and I iz HAYT wateh.

In Noo Yok, I iz hopping over puddels in da street.  Wateh is for big fursties and drinking – iz not foh stepping in!

But, den, I lurning dat dere is a sumpting called da Specific Oshun… and in Del Mar, dere is a lovely beech for doggies to run arow-wownd in.

Luuuuuuuk dis!

Dogs off-leash Del Mar California

Furst I meeting California beech doggies

Den I sees California beech doggies running IN da wateh!

California beech doggies chasing me neer da wateh, but I is outrun dem...

Oh knoes! Dere is a fing called a wave and is catch me! I has a big shock wiv dis!

But mebbe waves not so bad wen dere is tennis balls to play wiv...?

Gingerly, I gets mah paws wet and is not so bad. Waves and Oshun, yoo not scaring me no moh!

See? I tell yoo I a California Dog!

Hoomins has a big smiles of ‘stonishment and laffings.  Dey saying iz never chew late for teeching a old dog noo trix! (Hey! I not old, I iz only 4!)

Den iz a time for da car, and hoomins see dat mah furs is all wet and I has a big sandy.  Dey saying dat mah Kurgo Wander Hammock is coming in VERY pawsy, becos is protect da car from all mah sands and salty oshun wateh furs.

I luvs da oshun!

Del Mar Dog Beach permits dogs off-leash from Labor Day through June 14th at its North Beach area (29th Street to Solana Beach border).



When you’ve spent two weeks driving  4,153 miles / 6,684 kms with a dog, you learn a practical thing or two along the way!

Here are Banjo and my top tips for going on a road trip with a [large] dog:

Image © Kurgo 1. Safety first! Invest in a seat-belt or other restraining device.  This is as much for your safety as it is for your Shyhound’s!  I recommend the Kurgo Auto Zip-Line, which comes with an adjustable harness.  With it, your Shyhound is kept safe, but is free to stand up, turn around, and lie down. Absolutely essential if you plan on spending several hours a day in the car.

Image © Kurgo 2. Protect your car too! Dog fur, muddy paws, and carsick drool can quickly dirty the backseat of your car. Why waste time cleaning it when you can hose/ shake off the dirt from a well-fitting cover instead? We like the Kurgo Wander Hammock – its ingenious design means it arrives in a carrying case which attaches to the back of the front seat – perfect for holding spare poop bags, toys, a collapsible water bowl. As a bonus, it also comes with its own water bottle, which is great for keeping your pup hydrated on the road.

3. Speaking of water: as dogs’ stomachs are sensitive to change, some recommend you bring a supply from home and others say to buy bottled water. Banjo’s stomach is fairly sensitive, but he was OK with national hotel chain tap water. Just let the faucet run for a minute before filling up your Shyhound’s bowl.

4. As for food, bring more than you need – an extra day’s worth for every 3 days you’ll be on the road. As for when to feed Shyhound, do so last thing at night. S/he will be more likely to poop first thing in the morning, which makes for a more comfortable journey the next day.   And if you place Shyhound’s food and water bowls in the bathroom, it will be easier to clean up spillages and crumbs. [Does anyone else have a dog who likes to walk with his mouth full??]

5. Bring a blanket that smells of home.   Use it to protect your hotel bed from Shyhound’s fur – and therefore your credit card against extra room charges!  Plus, it will be a comforting smell for a Shyhound in an unfamiliar place, and it’s nice to cuddle up to in the car on a long journey.  If you bring a soft laundry bag, save room in the trunk (boot) by giving it to your Shyhound to use as a lovely, stinky pillow!

6. There are more dog-friendly hotel chains out there than you realise!  Some charge a pet fee, some require a deposit, others don’t.  For sheer value, we liked Motel 6 – less than $60 a night, and no pet fee.  La Quinta definitely had the nicest rooms and the best continental breakfast, but cost around $100/night with no pet fee.  Best Western seemed to have more hotels in more places, it costs as much as La Quinta AND charged a $20 fee, and the rooms weren’t as spacious. Best of all, should you find yourself in Gallup, NM, do stay at El Rancho Hotel – $100 a night, no fee. (They also have a cheaper motel across the parking lot.)

7. There are plenty of websites which list dog-friendly accommodations and attractions – invaluable for when it comes to planning your trip.  We liked BringFido and DogFriendly.  Although we wished both sites were optimised for handheld devices, we were able to find dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and off-leash dog parks.  You can also find local veterinary offices, should you need them in an emergency.

8. Stretch your legs – all four of them!  Be sure to stop every couple of hours to let your Shyhound go to the bathroom.  You’ll benefit physically and mentally from a break too.   Take your Shyhound for a brisk walk last thing at night, and, if possible, try to find an off-leash park for him/ her to tear around in before a long journey. Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog and the last thing you want is a hyperactive dog in the car.  At best, it can be annoying; at worst, it’s just dangerous.

9. If you’re renting a car, pick one with good stabilisation and automatic transmission to minimise carsickness.  If you have a large dog, the deeper the backseat, the more comfortable s/he will be lying down.  And don’t forget #2 above to avoid extra cleaning charges!

10. Eating on the road can be difficult for humans when health and safety laws forbid dogs from entering restaurants.   Pick a place where you can eat outside and tie your Shyhound to your chair – not the table, for obvious reasons!  If there is no outside space available, leave your Shyhound in the car and sit where you can keep a watchful eye.  Remember to crack open the car windows.  Most importantly, don’t forget that in summer months and in some states, leaving your dog unattended in a car, even for a few minutes, is against the law.  When in doubt, get the food to go, and eat in your car.

11. Last but not least, make sure your Shyhound is up to date on all vaccinations and tick/flea medications before leaving on a trip.  If s/he takes regular medication (this could include a monthly medication, like a heartworm pill) don’t forget to pack that too!

To read about our long journey, go to Cross-Country Road Trip. Happy travels!

Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Please do so in the comments section below!


Aroo! Dis Banjo heer. I arriving safely in California. Da last day on da road is very boring for eveybody. Hoomins desiding iz bettah we driving eight hours from Williams, AZ to Escondido, CA. We stopping to do tinkles but we see nuffin else.

So insted, I drawing yoo a nice pikchuh of me wen I iz in da car. Dis pikchuh you can clik to reed bettah wot I riting.

Kurgo Links

Wander Hammock | Tru-Fit Harness | Auto Zip-Line | Kurgo on Facebook

Arooooooooooooooooooo! Nao I a California Dog! Fangs for reeding oll about mah road trip. But no worries, I still riting on dis blog about mah California advenchuhs – so, as olways, stay chewned!

P.S. Mah hoomin Lauren sez nao yoo like to reed her post about travel tips for road trip doggies!


Aroo! Dis Banjo heer. Today I telling yoo about mah trip from Gallup, Noo Meksiko to Arizona weh we seeing da Painted Desert, da Petrified Forest and da Grand Canyon.

Oll froo da road trip, we staying in dog-frenly hotel chainz, but in Gallup we staying in a rooootiful plays called El Rancho Hotel.

Dis hotel eveybody’s favrite. Iz on da historik Root 66, iz hav karakta, nice fuud for hoomins, and dey luvs doggies!  Hoomins say dey like to sleeping dere agen sum day.

We iz hav a urly start becos dis day we iz smelling da Painted Desert and da Petrified Forest AND da Grand Canyon.  Iz long timez in da car.

Wen we arriving in da Painted Desert, I doing nice smellingz of da urf. Iz smell very old.  Hoomins say big strange doggies called dinosaws is living heer a long time ago.  Iz troo, dere is SUMPTING…

Hoomins doing happy soundz wen dey luuking da red roks. Iz nice to be in da sunshiny – but iz a big brite!

Nao yoo seez oll mah gear! I haz a red leesh. Iz attach to mah Martingale collah made speshul for me by Erinder on Etsy. Den I haz a red leather collah for mah tagz. Den I haz mah Kurgo Harness. I luuk like a prince!

After we leaving da Painted Desert and da Petrified Forest, we iz driving to da Grand Canyon. Dis da most scareful place I ever see!

Oh no-no-no! I not shor about dis, guyz...

I finking, HOOMINS CRAYZEE! Dey laffing and huggling eech oder and making sounds like WAW! But dey haz a big happy at dis scareful plays, so soon I relaxing. Den I wotching a eegull in da sky and I lerning dat Grand Canyon only a scareful plays if yoo luuking down!

Heer iz a guud pikchuh of da Grand Canyon and mah wateh bottol.

Grand Canyon doggies, iz olways impohtant to bring wateh!

Ufteh a guud long walk above da Grand Canyon, we iz driving to da hotel for da nite.

Stay chewned! I has a big ‘xcited becos hoomins saying tomorrow I becoming a California dog!


Arooooooooooooo! Dis Banjo heer and I has a big excited becos today I tell yoo about da BEST DOG RUN EVAH!

Afteh we leaving Socorro, we driving to Santa Fe.  Hoomins telling me dere is a vey speshul plays for me in Santa Fe. Iz da Santa Fe Animal Shelter Dog Park and dey saying I will luvs it, but furs we muss see da arts in Santa Fe. I not knoe wot is a art, but Santa Fe is have crayzee puks and yardz wiv vey strange kreechuhs. Luuk dis guy:

Santa Fe olso has shops selling rootiful joolery and carpetz and oder boring fings for doggies and boy hoomins. Peep and I iz waiting for Lauren owside a shop:

Wen Lauren is inside da shop, I luuking for her.  I part German Shepherd doggie, so I olways has to knoe weh is eveyboddy.

I not unnderstand how dis boring shop is better den da speshul plays…

Less go to da dog run!

I has a big bored…

And I like Lauren to come back nao pleez…

Soon, Lauren coming out of da boring shop and sez iz time! I has a beeg ‘xcited for dis doggie puk becos hoomins saying is big, is crayzee, and is part of da Hoomane Society, wich a plays dat luuks ufteh doggies. I iz a shelter dog, so I liking dis.

Wen we gets dere, hoomins learn that this puk so big dere is even seprate areas for doggies hoo not like oder doggies! Puk so big, Lauren can’t fit it all in da kamera! Luuuuk dis:

Hoomins loving dis puk becos dere is a mountainz, dere is a kaktusses, dere is a crayzee plants eveyweh. Dey loving da big bloo sky, but I loving da red urf.

Dere is eben a buckit wiv lots of dennis balls by da entrance to da puk. Dis a nice puk for doggies, yes? Hoomins choozing a ball and den frowing it. I chase it – heer is me and Lauren doing playtimes:

I luvs running, and dere is a big spays for runnings…

… and long grasses to tikol…

… and kaktusses to hidez behind…


Downside to dis puk iz can be hud to find oder doggies to play wiv becos is so big. Just ufteh we about to leev and hoomins put mah Kurgo Harness bak on, I finds a frend. He like mah harness so much he chasing me!

Oll dis runnings gimme a beeg fursty!

So, insted of waiting for da wateh in mah kollapsibol bowl, I drinking strait from da Kurgo bottol. I drinking and drinking and drinking, and I doing one big tinkle befoh we leeving dis lovely puk:

Den we leeving and driving oll da way to Gallup. But I not can tell yoo about dis becos I ufteh oll dis runnings I has a big tired and I sleeping oll da way in da car.

Stay chewned! Tomorrow’s destinayshun is Arizona, weh I see da Painted Desert, da Petrified Forest and da scareful Grand Canyon all in wun day!


Aroo! Dis Banjo heer. Today I tellz yoo about mah jurney up Noo Meksiko.

Furs, wen I waking up and going owside to do morning tinkles, Lauren is not let me go in da long grasses.  I not unnerstan but she finking stinktively dat dere is rattol snakes in dere.  Den she meeting a Native American man hoo telling her not to let me do runnings dere becos dere is rattlers.  Lauren was rite and she has a big happy dat dis city gurl knoes hao to protek her doggie!

So, I do tinkles and den we iz driving to Las Crooses in Noo Meksiko. I has a big bored becos I iz left in da car while hoomins picking up fuuds for car eeting.

But soon we iz at White Sandz Nashunal Monnument and iz like no plays I evah smell befoh.

Iz a big park wiv lots of white sandy hillz, and strange tree-fings and flower-fings and no grasses!

Olso, dere is no off-leesh. Olso, no doggies to play wiv.

Iz a crazy park, yes?

Dere is lots of playses to vizzit in da White Sandz. We driving froo da park, den getting out lots of times to see oll da playses, so hoomins is keep mah Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness on.

I luvs it! Iz make me feel safe, and I has a big pawsome –>

Mah hoomin, Peep, and I iz doing leesh runnings on da sandz. Is da furs time I evah running on sandz and, I tell yoo, iz diffikult! Mah paws iz sinking becos wiv sandz, da ground has a big soft.

Ennyway, mah hoomins is respekting da no off-leesh (boo-aroo!) but I still doing runnings:

And I doing jumpings:

And we has a big running fun!

Dis day, White Sands is hav a big windy. Iz make mah hoomin Lauren’s long hairs crayzee and I iz laffing at her – but den I gets a mouf of sands so I not laffing ennymoh!

Afteh oll dis sand runnings, I has a big tired. Wen we gets back into da car, Lauren is clip mah Kurgo Harness to da Zip Line, I puts mah head on a cooshun and falling asleep til we gets to Socorro, Noo Meksiko.  Heer we is sleeping for da nite befoh driving up to Santa Fe!

Stay chewned! Tomorrow’s destinayshun is an Indian Reservashun in Gallup, Noo Meksiko, via Santa Fe weh dere is Da Best Dog Run EVAH!!


Aroo! Dis Banjo heer.  Today I tells yoo about mah jurney to Van Horn, Texas.

Ufter we saying goobyes to da Lipman fambly, we driving froo a big plays called Hill Country.  I heer mah hoomins tokking about someone called Barbie Kyoo, but iz Sunday and eeting places iz closed. So we not smelling her. But I smelling lots of other dogs!

Furs I smelling dis guy – he has a big fun but I fink is scareful. Weh is his doggles? A dog can hurts his eyes in da dusts and wind!

Later, mah Lauren sez she sniffs out a nice plays to eet. So we driving oll da way to Ozona, Teksas, weh dere is a eeting plays called The Hitching Post.

So, hoomins eeting again… and I wotching again… but ufterwoods, we iz doon a little runnings and I doon drinkings from mah Kurgo wateh bottle, wich comes wiv da Wander Hammock.

Mah Lauren like dis Wander Hammock bag vey much. Iz come wiv a littol bag, and da littol bag is have a holder for dis wateh bottol.

Inside da bag is fings for me in da car. Dere is mah leash, sum medsins, treets, extra poop bags, a collapsibol wateh bowl.

Den I meeting a labradog. I try to say Aroo! to him, but he sez Grrr! to me. So I has a big sad til I meeting nice Jackson. He a Ostralian Shepherd Dog. I part German Shepherd, so we has lots to tok about. I tell him I a Noo Yok dog but gonna be a California dog. I tell him we doing long times in da car and he impressed. He tell me he a San Antonio dog and he on his way home after smelling Noo Meksiko.  He tell me I will luvs it dere!

I has a big sad becos I not has a foto of Jackson chew show yoo.  He has bloo eyes, and his fur is very pretty colours. Orinj, brown, and white. His spots look like shadows from leafs on treez.  But heer is a pikchuh of the scareful labradog hoo sez stay aways from his car:

I unnerstan! I not like it wen fings come neer mah car eevah.

Stay chewned! Tomorrow’s destinayshun is Socorro, Noo Meksiko, via White Sands weh dere was a big wind!