Aroo! Dis Banjo heer. Today I tell yoo about mah weekend in Austin, Texas.

We staying wun-too-free nites wiv hoomin frends, da Lipmans. Furs, I tell yoo hoomins very happy becoz last time they seeing Mister and Missus Lipman, I iz a puppy. And now Lipmans haz two littol hoomins, chew! So iz a long time, becoz I a big dog. I four yeers old.

Den, dere is Dog Lipman, Elijah. He eleben yeers old, so he wise… but he a tuff guy! He not let me neer Lipmans babies and sniff stinky diapers, but letting me play wiv his toys. Dis a big fun!

Lipmans living wiv a park. Dis weh I like to go to play. Dere is a sand to dig, and a toys to play wiv, and a grass to do tinkles on:

i like to go outside nao pleez

Bud wen I do a tinkle, Elijah do a much bigger wee to say he boss. Well, I a Shyhound, but I younger and stronger, so I do more tinkles!  But den Elijah sez he da boss of dis house, so he olso gets to eat my fuud, chew. Dis I not like, but I a Shyhound – yoo can eet it, ‘Lijah!

On da fird nite, Elijah challenge me to a wateh-drinking contest. He sez he can drinks more wateh than me. I sez, we’ll smell about dat! and we drinking aaaaall da wateh.  Hoomins not seeing dis. Dey tokking and laffing togeva. Den Mister Lipman sez I has big drools. Den mah hoomins wurry becos I look like a otter, wiv drools hanging off mah wiskas.

Iz not feel nice, all dis wateh. But Elijah sez big dogs not puking, so I holdz it in.  Dis make my belly feel big and sad. Bud then I do a big, big wee, all over Elijah’s tinkle, heh-heh-heh!  Bud he win wateh contest, so I say owkayyyyy, yoo da boss, Mister Elijah!

Heer is me and mah buddy, Elijah, in his rrrroooootiful park:

- Luuk dis! Dere is sumting, Elijah! - Ah, quit yappin', Pup!

Stay chewned for more travelling tails: tomorrow’s destination is a long day froo Hill Country, all da way to Van Horn, Texas!


Aroo! Dis Banjo heer. Today I tells yoo about mah trip from Shreveport, L’Aroosiana to Austin, Texas.

Wen we leaving hotel, the furst fing I see is all the bugz on the car.  Dey is skwishy dedd and smellz vey intresting. Iz dis stink-bugs? I not lick dem.

Den we in da car again for a long time. I do a good sleeping! Heer yoo can see mah Kurgo Wander Hammock (iz a putty colour top left) and da black and orange leash for mah Kurgo Auto Zip Line. Dey is keep me safe in a mooving car, but I still can has a comfy. Aroo! to Kurgo!

See heer, I rest mah face on mah cooshin... iz hoomins' clothes - I has a clever, yes?

Hoomins eating hambugglers again – dis time iz at Dairy Queen, wich hoomins say is OK.  I wotching from da car and fink a hambuggler looking mighty delishuss.  But I never gets peepol fuud… I has allajeez to cheez, peenut butterz, sammon-fishees, pawk-meet, and all grainz ‘cept rice.

Afteh nice, big hambugglers, hoomins get sleepy and say iz naptime.  But I not has a tired!  So Lauren and me iz find a nice grass in Balch Springs, neer Dallas, and we iz have a lovely time off-leash.  I see a wild horsie. He scaredier than police horsies in Barklyn, so I not say Aroo! to him.

Shyhound meets Scaredy-Horse

Den we iz find a big ball AND a littol ball: wun is for baskets and teh oder wun iz for golf.  I bited dem and I do running wiv dem.  Iz grate! Scaredy-horse watching me wiv envies. He olso a running dog.

Den iz time to bite da road again, and we arriving at our friends’ house in Austin, Texas.

Stay chewned for more travelling tails: tomorrow’s destination is a chill weekend wiv Austin frends weh I losing a water-drinking competition…


Aroo! Dis Banjo.  Heer yoo can read mah tail about mah journey to L’Aroosiana.

Today a guud day. Heer iz mah favourit pikchuh:

Dis how I roll wiv mah hoomins... on a Kurgo Wander Hammock

I like dis pikchuh becos iz show vey speshul moment wiv mah Lauren. I luvs her. And she luvs me. In da car we haz smiling moments like dis. I like da car.

We on ah way to Mississippilly for lunch. Dere is eating fings called crawfishees. I like to try!  But hoomins learn that Mississippilly eating places not let doggies sit on outside patio wiv eating hoomins.  Barklyn, Noo York is say yes.  Oder states is say yes. But Mississippilly is say sumfing like Healf and Safety rools. I say dey is barking mad! So I stays in da car and watch hoomins eat crawfishees and I has a big sad.

But then we at a place called a Mississippilly Rivah and I has a big happy. Iz smell GREAT! I smelling crawfishees, and muds, and gambling boats, and fings hoomins call dragonflies.

Heer is mah hoomins’ favourit pikchuh. Dey say I has a big handsome.  I say I has a big pawsome!

Mississippilly Rivah + Kurgo Harness = Big Pawsome

And I do a nice tinkle to say Banjo was heer!

Doin a wee on da Mississippilly!

(Yea, I do a wee like a gurl dog. Shh! Yoo say nuffin! I a Shyhound!)

Den iz time to find Shreeveport, L’Aroosiana. I do a big sleeping in da car. But I seeing dis big happy red sunshiny:

I smells moskitoes and bats nao

Wen we arrive in Shreeveport, is dark. Hoomins take me to mah furs drive-froo. Is called Sonic. Hoomins eating cheez hambugglers. Iz smell gud but hoomins say iz a horrible hambuggler and dey not eat dere agen. But drive-froo is a big fun becos I bark at strange hoomin wiv a hellofone-set on dere head. Arooooooooooo!

Stay chewned for more travelling tails: tomorrow’s destination is Austin, TX.


Aroo! Dis Banjo.  Heer yoo can read mah tail about mah journey to Aroobama.

After we sleeping, mah hoomins iz put all da fings in da car.  I iz get vey worried that hoomins forget me. So I doing fings like wriggle between hoomins’ legs and shreek at hoomins to remind dem I like to come in da car chew. Hoomins not REELLY forget me.  Dis I knoe. But, yoo smell, I a Shyhound!  I gets worries.

Den hoomins realise dat when dey puts on mah Kurgo harness, iz calm me. And I haz a big happy.  Becos Kurgo harness means Kurgo Zip Line, and dat means I going in da car for noo smells!

Road Trip Doggies – sometimes dere iz no dog run.  But dere iz olways a place to pee or poop, even sometimes is a scareful place:

Scareful Bark!

And wot lovely smells! Hoomins take me to a dog run in Roanoke, VA. Iz called Highland Dog Bark, and heer iz some pikchuhs of me:

Dis me and mah Kurgo harness in Highland Bark

Den we find a ball but I still not knoe hao to play fetch:

Dis me. I haz a big happy.

Den I meets a Red Setter called Rufus:

Dis guy, he crazy!

Den is time to hit da road. After all dis runnings, I haz a big tired. So I sleeping all da way to Aroobama on mah Kurgo Wander Hammock. Olso, hoomins gimme a red blanket which smells of home to travel wiv. I like it.

Look mah fancy Kurgo Wander Hammock!

Stay chewned for more travelling tails: tomorrow’s destination is L’Aroo-siana…


Aroo! Dis Banjo heer.  A few days after we leave Barklyn, Noo York, we driving to California.  Iz a long drive.  Evey night we stay sumwhere noo. Da furs night we stay in Lexington, Virginia.  Iz a noo smells. But iz raining and I not like a rain.

On da way to Lexington, we iz drive froo Skyline Drive. Mah hoomins like all da twisty turnings of da road. Iz make me a carsick, but I try to sleeping on my Kurgo Wander Hammock which iz keep all my droolings off da car seats.  Mah hoomins is approve vey much of dis.

Den we leave da car to look at da valley.  I haz a nice drink of water from my Kurgo water bottle and I climbing a wall to haz a better view:

When we back in da car and driving, mah hoomins haz a big happy when dey seeing fings like wild turkeys. An’ skunks. An’ a bear. An’ lots of deerz which dey say look like me:

Aroo-rooo-rooo! I not a deer, I a Shyhound!

Stay chewned for more travelling tails: tomorrow’s destination is Aroobama…

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I can now say I drove 4,153 miles across the United States with my dog.

Banjo and I travelled from Brooklyn, NY to Escondido, CA over a 12-day period. Along the way we saw everything from snowy mountain peaks of Arizona to the chasm of the Grand Canyon; from the muddy swamps of Louisiana to the dusty desert of Texas; from multiple built up urban city centres to the green pastures of Virginia; from the sandy dunes of White Sands to the peeping wildlife of Skyline Drive…

All the while Banjo was kept safe and comfortable with his Auto Zip Line and Tru-Fit Harness and Wander Hammock from fabulous pet travel product company, Kurgo.

Over the next couple of weeks, Banjo and I will be posting a series of blog posts about our cross-country adventure. In the meantime, here’s a picture of us – can you guess where we are?

Clue: People have trouble spelling it... Photograph © Shyhound™ 2011



Aroo! Dis Banjo heer.  Soon we leaving our home in Barklyn, Noo York and gonna be living in Los Angeles.  Soon I be a California dog.  I not know wot dis means.  But mah hoomins tell me I gonna like it and it smell good.

Hoomins say dere is no more snow in a Los Angeles. I like a snow. Is a fun! But is cold and sumtimes is hurt my paws.

In California, dere is a sunshine. I like a sunshine. I a Shyhound, so I skinny wiv short furs. In da snow I wear a jacket.  I not needing a jacket in California. Dis say my hoomins.

I looking forward to running in Runyon Canyon Park. An in San Diego, dere is a speshul place called Dog Beach.  Is a sand and I can dig it. Is a by da ocean.

Wot is a ocean?

Mah hoomins and me, we driving across the country. Iz a big car trip.  I like a car trip.

I tell you all about my car trip. Hoomins say we maybe driving dis:

Barkyln, NY to Swedesboro, NJ

Front Royal, VA Lexington, VA – via The Skyline Drive

Elizabethton, TN Trussville, AL – via a frendly dog run in Roanoke

Gnashville, TN Shreveport, LA – via Jackson, MS

Hot Springs, AR Austin, TX – via Balch Springs neer Dallas

Austin, TX – a lubbly weekend wiv my doggie pal, Elijah

Lubbock, TX Van Horn, TX – via Hill Country

Socorro, NM – via Las Cruces and White Sands National Monument

Gallup, NM – via Santa Fe, wich has da best dog run evah!

Williams, AZ – via da Painted Desert/ Petrified Forest and da Grand Canyon

Needles, CA

Escondido, CA

Bonus post from Lauren – Eleven Top Tips for Taking Your Dog on da Road

Does you have any suggestions for dog-frendly fings along da way? Dere is lots of places weh they not let Shyhounds inside.  Like places for hoomins to goes eeting.

Stay chewned for Shyhound road trip. I share all exciting doggie fings wiv you. Like nice off-leash parks. And comfy fings for a dog in a car. And nice fings for hoomins when dey travel wiv a dog.



As the guardian of a Shyhound, I am acutely aware of how few people actually know how to approach a dog they don’t know. So, I thought I would write a quick post on how to say hello to a strange dog!

First off, the MOST IMPORTANT THING is to please ask permission before petting a dog you haven’t met before! Don’t just swoop in – some dogs are nervous and will duck, but others are aggressive and could bite. Some might be feeling unwell and growl or snap at you. If you don’t know the dog, you don’t know how he/she will react, so it’s best (not to mention, good manners) to just ask.

Parents – teach your kids to ask permission too! One bad experience with a dog can teach your kid to be afraid of all dogs, and that would be a sad thing…

Here are some tips for once permission has been given:

• look the dog in the eye – this is considered aggressive in Doggish, and can be upsetting to a Shyhound!
• pat the dog on top of his head – unfamiliar hands are scary to a Shyhound.
• make kissing noises – some dogs don’t like it for some reason.

• let the dog approach you in his own time – you’ll boost a Shyhound’s confidence.
• hold out the palm of your hand and let the dog sniff it – show him you mean no harm.
• slowly, see if the dog will let you scratch him/ her underneath the chin – Banjo likes that.



Aroo! Dis Banjo heer.

I a running dog.

But, dis week iz too cold for me to go to da Puk. So heer sum pikchuss from last week to remind me I a running dog.

Das me! I has a snood, and a jacket, and a Big Ball. I haz a handsome.

I haz a frend. We sniffs the skwirrel pawprint tracks.

Moh tracks. Iz doggie tracks dis time.

I like da Puk in da sunset.

Dis me. I doin a sniffin in da twilite.

Dis me. I sez AROOOO!

Dis me. I haz a tired wiv all dat runninzzzz...


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Like so many timid dogs, Banjo has a nervous stomach and is allergic to almost everything: grain, dairy, peanut butter – even salmon and pork!

Thanks to these links, I was able to make informed decisions about my dog’s food:

  • The Dog Food Project is a site run by Sabine Contreras, a Canine Care & Nutrition Consultant. She educates you on what goes into most dog food and how to avoid the nasties, and also discusses organic dog food, feeding your dog a vegan/ vegetarian diet, and the benefits of feeding your dog a grain-free diet.
  • Dog Food Analysis is a site which reviews commercial dog food brands by examining the ingredients label: its ratings are based on quality of ingredients and the order in which they appear. (All food labels, doggie and human alike, always lists ingredients in order of highest to lowest quantity.)

Both these sites are independent.  Do check them out if you are looking to improve your dog’s diet.

Bone appetit!