Fabulous tribute to man’s best friend from College Humour.


This has to be the funniest, most brilliant doggie dance video I’ve ever seen – and done in one take, no less!

You might remember OK Go from their treadmill video, but now they’ve come up with a routine that will benefit the ASPCA – learn more on the OK Go website.


Lou Reed and Wife To Stage Dog Concert in Sydney

said the email in my inbox. Of course, I had to click… It got me thinking: can dogs appreciate music, or is that exclusive to humans? And if dogs can appreciate music, what would they make of Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson’s concert?

Here are some photos of concert-going dogs who, anthropomorphism aside, seem to be enjoying themselves immensely!



A wonderful story about a greyhound who, despite being abused and abandoned, has found a new role as a surrogate mother for other neglected animals.

jasmine greyhound + bramble

Jasmine the Greyhound & Bramble the Deer

Jasmine serves as a reminder that even the most abused and anxious dogs can be rehabilitated to be wonderful companions and have fulfilling lives.

Go Shyhounds!


Banjo’s parents were feral, so I was pleased to find this very interesting article about the unusual stray dogs in Moscow – twenty of them have learned to ride the subway/ metro there!

There’s even a website for all the photos and videos taken of these station hoppin’ canines at www.metrodog.ru.


With their thin fur and lack of body fat, Greyhounds get cold very easily.  I just received an email from a blogger who had the idea of collecting old sweaters to keep dogs in shelters warm over the winter.  What a great idea!


Banjo once stole a chocolate chip cookie from my plate and I was terrified that he would suffer serious consequences.  Luckily, our vet said a single milk chocolate chip cookie for a dog his size wouldn’t kill him, but I was curious to learn more about the effects of theobromine on dogs.

Disclaimer: If your dog has eaten chocolate or any other poisonous substance, call the ASPCA Poison Control Center at 1 (888) 426-4435.

Simply put, the smaller the dog and the darker the chocolate, the more likely the effects of theobromine poisoning. Here are a few symptoms to watch out for:

  • Excitement / nervousness / trembling
  • Vomiting / diarrhea
  • Excessive thirst
  • Muscle spasms
  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Death

Chocolate comes from the cocoa tree, Latin name theobroma cacao, and it is the chemical theobromine in chocolate which is so toxic – and potentially lethal – to dogs. We humans can process theobromine more efficiently than our four-legged friends, which is we we can eat and enjoy it, but dogs can’t.

Here’s a list from the ASPCA of other people foods that are toxic for your pet – don’t forget that some plants can be toxic to dogs too.


Training a shyhound can be a daunting task. A lot of links out there say to give a dog a treat as positive reinforcement – but when Banjo is very stressed he won’t even take a treat, which makes it difficult to coax him out of his ‘zone’.

I researched a bunch of sites and links about building up a shyhound’s confidence. I learned that dogs just want to know their rank in the pack, and even if there is an ounce of ambiguity as to your leadership that can cause confusion for the dog. A dog knows his rank is a happy dog. Most dogs don’t want to be Pack Leader, and a shyhound certainly doesn’t!

I was generally doing a good job with Banjo, but I discovered a simple technique called Nothing in Life is Free (or NILIF) which really improved his behaviour. Banjo still won’t take a treat when he’s stressed, but this technique worked really well for us. Just doing simple things like making sure I went through a doorway first reinforced me as Pack Leader in Banjo’s eyes.

Read this quick summary from The Dog Guide about why you should consider NILIF.

Learn more about NILIF:

If you have used NILIF and have a link you would like to share, please email me!


The earth trembled and a great rift appeared, separating the first man and woman from the rest of the animal kingdom.

As the chasm grew deeper and wider, all the other creatures, afraid for their lives, returned to the forest – except for the dog, who after much consideration leapt the perilous rift to stay with the humans on the other side.

His love for humanity was greater than his bond to other creatures, he explained and he willingly forfeited his place in paradise to prove it.


Banjo has learned to …

open a door by jumping up and putting his
body weight on the door lever …

open the trash can using his truffle snout to lift up the lid and sniff the delicacies hidden in there (if you don’t want it, I’ll have it!)

catch a ball in his mouth …

bring me his collar to let me know he wants to go outside …

not bark as much at strangers, but is still prone to being
fearful in the dark!

He is bigger, stronger, and more energetic every day. I was recently dragged half a block (to my astonishment, annoyance and amusement) to catch up with his girlfriend, Bella, who, on account of her not having any eyes, didn’t notice him behind her at first.

It also means that only a 3 hour walk to the big dog run (see right) and back is the only thing that will wear him (and us) out…

Naughty, wicked, beautiful, sweet doglet!