California Dog

Del Mar Beach / October 2011

November 6, 2011

It’s autumn, which means Del Mar beach is open once again to our furry friends.  Our latest beach visit reminded me to write another Not Just a Dog post – through Banjo’s eyes, I see things I might otherwise miss. Like this mussel shell, with its pearlised interior: Without Banjo hovering nearby, we might not […]

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Off-Leash at Del Mar Beach

May 23, 2011
Dogs off-leash Del Mar California

Arooooooooooooooo! Dis Banjo heer.  I has a big happy becos I iz a California Dog – dis time, for reel! Mah momma was a Lab-adore dog, but I not doing nuffin like Lab-adore doggies.  Hoomins say I not knoes hao to retreeve, I not steeling peepol fuuds, and I iz HAYT wateh. In Noo Yok, […]

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Day 11: I a California dog!

May 11, 2011

Aroo! Dis Banjo heer. I arriving safely in California. Da last day on da road is very boring for eveybody. Hoomins desiding iz bettah we driving eight hours from Williams, AZ to Escondido, CA. We stopping to do tinkles but we see nuffin else. So insted, I drawing yoo a nice pikchuh of me wen […]

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