Recession Affecting Us Chew!

November 15, 2012

Banjo says Aroo!! Dis a sad and scareful pikchuh.  Iz a guud reminder to spay/nooter yoh furry frendz and to fink abowt the responsabubbletees of pet ownaship. Pleez fink carefully before adopting a dog (or cat) from a shelta.  Remember! Dog is a friend for life, not just Crissmuss. from Total Bankruptcy 1 Click to […]

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Jasmine the Greyhound

February 11, 2010

A wonderful story about a greyhound who, despite being abused and abandoned, has found a new role as a surrogate mother for other neglected animals. Jasmine serves as a reminder that even the most abused and anxious dogs can be rehabilitated to be wonderful companions and have fulfilling lives. Go Shyhounds! 2 Click to say […]

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Old Sweaters = New Coats for Shelter Dogs

December 19, 2009

With their thin fur and lack of body fat, Greyhounds get cold very easily.  I just received an email from a blogger who had the idea of collecting old sweaters to keep dogs in shelters warm over the winter.  What a great idea! 0 Click to say Aroo! to this post

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